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Bob Dunn


Bob Dunn is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor. He is a National Certified Counselor (NCC), a Masters Addictions Counselor (MAC), and an ACE Certified Personal Trainer. He is also a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors. He earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees from Youngstown State University. Mr. Dunn has extensive supervisory and management experience along with over forty years of counseling and crisis intervention experience. During the course of his career, Mr. Dunn has worked in a variety of clinical settings. Bob takes a holistic approach to psychotherapy emphasizing this person’s Mind, Body, and Spirit. He is certified in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and offers Christian Counseling and Logotherapy. He has specialized in treating adults with anger issues, along with anxiety and depression disorders. He has developed a strong interest in counseling older adults who are dealing with aging disability, chronic illness, and retirement issues. Mr. Dunn is the author of six books dealing with anger and mental health. He has conducted a variety of trainings emphasizing the person's Mind, Body, and Spirit and seminars on anger management, anxiety, depression, wellness, and mental health recovery. In 2001, Bob was the supervisor of pre-screening at Valley Counseling Services. His team received the coveted “Outstanding Teamwork Reward” through the Trumbull County Board of Alcohol, Drug, and Mental Health for their excellence in providing crisis intervention, and pre-screening services to the community. Bob is available in our Canfield, Ohio office.

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Bob Dunn
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